Marketing Consulting

When a zehnvier consultant walks through your door, she or he will be thinking about two things: about the challenges your company faces and about finding new ways for your company to compete and succeed in the market. We focus on creating competitive advantage and developing compelling strategic visions, breakthrough corporate and business-unit strategies, as well as competitive strategies on product or service level.

With our comprehensive expertise in marketing and strategy, we offer a wide range of solutions within four key areas of focus:

  • Strategic positioning of companies, products and services. This strategic development process starts with understanding current and emerging customer needs.
  • Substantial improvement of the four marketing core tasks: customer acquisition, customer retention, product and service innovation, product and service sustainment.
  • Organizational transformation and realignment: linking the marketing organization directly with strategic and economic objectives, in order to create a marketing organization that meets the needs of internal and external customers and that contributes directly to growth.
  • Developing and strengthening the organizational capabilities of the firm, i.e. integrating, building, and reconfiguring internal competencies and capabilities designed to achieve targeted marketing and business goals.