Marketing Research

In today's complex and fast paced business world, with changes sweeping through market landscapes sometimes at breathtaking speed, it's not always easy for a company to make the right decisions. Today, more than ever, up-to-date knowledge is the basis for sound decision-making. It is expert market knowledge and a profound understanding of actual and potential customers that help companies create and sustain competitive advantages.

Our marketing research services provide the essential knowledge needed in order to make the critical decisions on marketing and strategy. We analyze customer needs and behaviour, reveal customers' buying and decision processes, and uncover the trends and forces changing the marketplace.

Our research may include in-depth qualitative observational studies, focus groups, and Delphi surveys as well as major quantitative conjoint or choice studies. To address specific issues, we may also apply tailored, state-of-the-art processes like collage techniques or creativity techniques.

A few questions our clients typically deal with:

  • How can we define actionable market segmentation?
  • What are the rational and emotional needs and expectations of our customers?
  • What are the customers' key buying factors?
  • What does really matter in the daily lives of people in either consumer or industrial markets?
  • What is the customers' brand perception relative to competitors?
  • Are the customers satisfied, delighted and loyal?
  • Which are the key trends in the marketplace?
  • Which shifts in industry dynamics can be expected?
  • What unique knowledge about customers and competitors do our employees have?